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This is an absolutely beautiful and amazing article by one of our group members Sun-Rose, the author of A Radiant Life. Enjoy it and see if it doesn't uplift you. Actually it's an excerpt from her book. I totally love this. I wish I could write this well.



This came really clear in our raw food support group meeting last night, about how our purpose and commitment – or lack of it – can be a blessing – or a minus – not just to ourselves, but for all.  We're not in this by ourselves – separate little egos wanting to be healthy and happy and gorgeous.  What we're doing – being raw – is more about being conscious – alert, alive, awake and aware – than about healthy bodies.  As Ralph pointed out in the meeting – the point is not only health but happiness. 

Folks were sharing about being tempted by cooked or even junk food and giving in to it. – Commitment is a way to sail joyously through the sea of temptation.  Commitment to what?  To being a living blessing for others – not just for ourselves and our 'chosen' circle.

A larger purpose is always a tremendous help with commitment; perhaps because somewhere within consciousness we know that we have an Eternal Connection with everyone and everything.  So when we aren't just doing this for ourselves, we get a wonderful support from the unseen Whole of Everything.

Temptation is only the little nasty voice (voiceunder) that loves to beat you up.  First it puts on a sweet seductive voice, reminding you of how comfortable that baked potato is – how satisfying the pizza or whatever the poison is.  And isn't this the same voice that says to the drug addict: "Time for another fix." – to the drinker: "Happy hour time!" – to the gambler: "This time you're gonna win big." – to the anorexic and obese: “junk time.” – and continues to whisper (although it's really a hiss): "Just one more (spin on the wheel, fix, drink, candy bar) ... "

As we're wrestling with our temptation, there may be millions of others wrestling – and our commitment may be the pivotal one in the world that either adds to giving in – or gives the strength to some or all of the others to say “No!” this time. 

There was a church in seventeenth century Germany where all the members of the congregation had little stone lamps that they would bring with them, bearing a small candle inside.  The service was in the evening, and the illumination of the church came from those candles.  If the church was full, it glowed.  If only a few members came, the light seemed faint and sparse.

We don't need lamps and candles.  We are the Light, either hiding it under a bushel or – scary as it might be – letting it radiate forth. 


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