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July Raw Food Potluck

Food, Friends, Frisbee, and Fun - We'll have it all!! (And maybe a little Music!)
This month's Raw Potluck gathering will be held outdoors and will be a cooperative event with the Raw Food Meetup Group.
The picnic will be in Central Park on the west side, the north end at "The Pool."  Take the C train up to 103rd St.  Walk south on the path toward the water.
Please keep the raw food simple - organic fruit and/or veggies to share with our raw friends as we enjoy the great outdoors.  Don't forget to bring utensils and a plate and maybe a blanket or something to sit on.
Note: Members of the Raw Health and Happiness Society will be given the opportunity to discuss their experiences with the group and answer curious Newly Raw People's questions about going raw and staying raw successfully.
Can't wait to see everyone again and to have a lot of fun!
Date: Sunday 7/22/07
Time: 4pm
Location: "The Pool" in Central Park
Enter at 103rd Street & Central Park West
If you need anything else, let me know!
Be well,
Robert Dyckman



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