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The Raw Health and Happiness Society: Success Principles

Our raw food support group meetings will help you improve your health, happiness, fitness, energy, longevity, mental acuity and spirituality via a simple raw food diet, based on Nature's Laws. For ideal health, we also need daily exposure to sunshine, fresh air, pure water, adequate rest, exercise, sleep and emotional balance.

The scientific study of comparative anatomy, biology and nutritional anthropology, indisputably demonstrates humans have the same digestive system as predominantly fruit eating animals. Our ideal diet consists of easily digestible raw plant foods, such as fruits, vegetables and limited quantities of fatty foods such as avocados, nuts and seeds.

We strongly recommend to limit the consumption fatty foods like nuts and seeds in the diet, as there are numerous health problems associated with an overindulgence of fatty foods, even if they are raw.

We advocate eating a 100% raw food diet, as the results are superior. Fruits and vegetables, not supplements, are the super-foods for humans. They abundantly provide all the necessary nutrients.

By allowing our bodies to detoxify without chemical or mechanical interference to ease symptoms, we will eventually experience the perfect health and happiness that God has given all forms of life. By eating a raw diet, we improve the ecology, enhance the lives of all plants and animals and make giant strides toward our own, and hence the world's, health and happiness.


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